Lumesse Empower assists you in shaping the future of your company through the development of your most important success factor: your employees.


A competitive pay structure including variable performance-based components increases the motivation of your employees and increases their loyalty to your company.

  • With Lumesse Empower Reward you are able to display salary structures by country and target group and compare them internationally.
  • Lumesse Empower Perform, bundled with this software solution, allows you to calculate variable salary components directly on the basis of performance reviews and to transfer them to payroll.
  • Eliminates the manual effort required, for example, to calculate pro-rata components.
  • Furthermore, transparency in coupling bonus and target provides your employees with a detailed overview.


Job evaluations are highly important for comparison and transparency. Grading is not just used as a basis for setting salary structures, but is also a basic prerequisite for successive HR processes such as salary adjustments or promotions. Lumesse Empower Reward assists you in the process of collecting relevant comparison criteria, subsequent classification, storing them and in subsequent comparison.



What motivates employees? Is it pay or development, and who is responsible for social recognition in the company? Combined with monetary recognition, social recognition is an important component in employee motivation. Reward your employees for good ideas or outstanding performance using Lumesse Empower Reward to award virtual points, ‘trophies’ and ‘badges’. This allows employees to clearly see the recognition they have received for their own performance and what recognition their colleagues have received. In a playful way you can increase the motivation of your employees.



Use Lumesse Empower Reward to specifically:

  • Manage salary negotiations in your company.
  • Its freely configurable programmes for different target groups enable much simpler annual salary adjustments.
  • Line managers can decide on pay increases according to centrally defined guidelines and on the basis of fixed budgets.
  • Flexible and easily configurable approval workflows allow managers to check and authorize these proposals.
  • Collectively-negotiated adjustments can also be flexibly implemented.
  • In conjunction with Lumesse Empower Perform, both the last target attainment and position within the salary range can be taken into account when calculating the maximum possible increase.
  • As a result the Lumesse solution helps your managers make appropriate, performance-based salary adjustments.