Lumesse Empower assists you in shaping the future of your company through the development of your most important success factor: your employees.


Highly-skilled employees are one of the key drivers for organizational success. Lumesse Empower Learn was specifically designed to support individual development and training plans while aligning with your budgets.

  • Reduce administrative overheads for all workforce tasks, from defining skills requirements for each individual job to quickly reacting to new specialist needs in various areas.
  • Use Lumesse Empower Learn with the Lumesse Empower Perform bundle to develop customized educational programs by identifying current and future skills requirements and training goals during employee reviews.


Configure audience-specific training catalogues on multimedia learning portals with Lumesse Empower Learn, providing employees with customized, engaging, and varied learning experiences. Round out your training offerings with videos and digital contents. Access all subject-specific content from one central location. Increase employee engagement and efficiency with a training mix that is right for them.



With Lumesse Empower Learn, you can:

  • Build a training catalogue for all continuing education activities. This catalogue is then maintained by authorized employees, typically from the HR organization.
  • Design specific training offers to address various requirements.
  • From identifying training requirements to scheduling courses, Lumesse Empower Learn manages the entire training process end-to-end.
  • Reduce training costs with Blended Learning, combining traditional classroom courses with SCORM-compatible e-learning platforms in a single learning program.
  • The approval workflow can be configured to align with and support your registration process.
  • Whether you’re dealing with an individual enquiry or taking a booking for a whole group, you can automatically check if the requested training can be delivered and if all attendees fulfill the course prerequisites.
  • Lumesse Empower Learn helps training administrators create and manage certificates, refresher courses, and potential re-certification programs.
  • once your employees have successfully completed their training programs for their current tasks, use Lumesse Empower Grow to start preparing for their future career progression.