Lumesse Empower assists you in shaping the future of your company through the development of your most important success factor: your employees.

Lumesse Empower Foundations

  • You can store a wide range of workforce data — from HR details to job offers, to training activities, and more.
  • Plan workforce activities effectively, and design flexible HR workflows and processes — including recruitment and budget approvals — with accurate, up-to-date workforce information at your fingertips.
  • Simplify and accelerate your HR processes with automated workflows and configurable communication templates for task-specific reminders.
  • Leverage enterprise-wide collaboration tools to drive innovation and increase workforce productivity.
  • Experience greater flexibility in your day-to-day HR activities with Lumesse Empower Foundations: Enjoy anywhere access, and adopt a role- and rights-based approach that aligns precisely with your specific requirements


With Lumesse Empower Foundations, you gain a comprehensive overview of the breadth of experience that your employees have to offer. Collect a wide spectrum of employee and talent data to build detailed and highly informative employee profiles. Integrate with social media accounts to automatically enrich employee profiles with more accurate, up-to-date data. Display employees’ skill endorsements in a department – or enterprise-wide internal workforce network, promoting communication and collaboration between network members fördern.



With Lumesse Empower Foundations, you can intuitively create job descriptions for open positions with relevant prerequisites, including direct report frameworks. You can also identify, store, and display the skills and experiences of each individual employee. Profile requirements can be used to improve workforce planning and decision-making.



Lumesse Empower Foundations integrates seamlessly with on-site or cloud-based environments for consistent, high-quality data with low data entry redundancy. The bundle is based on a secure, standardized architecture that facilitates integration with third-party solutions including payroll, time management, and other internal HR databases. Our solution is ISO/IEC 27001:2013-certified for security compliance.