Lumesse Empower assists you in shaping the future of your company through the development of your most important success factor: your employees.


Actively involving employees in career planning allows them to set their own development goals, including geographical location flexibility, preferred next steps in their career and desired professional training. By identifying key positions you can reduce the economic risk of vacancies and forestall employee departures by proactively defining measures to counter the risk of high-performers and high-potential employees leaving the company.



Lumesse Empower supports a talent conference from start to finish. From preparation, through execution and follow-up evaluations, we enable live talent conferences. Handouts are no longer required, and the use of iPads and other tablets optmises the process by allowing employees to use technology to which they are accustomed. Scenario planning reveals possible gaps in succession planning at any time.

  • Configure the Talent Conference grid to your individual needs (colors, distribution, labels and dimensions)


In addition to the “name-to-box” approach, the use of dynamic talent pools is also supported within Lumesse Empower. Sophisticated search and filter functions allow you to match the right employee to the relevant position. The search function is multi-dimensional, meaning that you can search not just for specific skills and competences but also for any combination of experience, qualification, certification, language, mobility and project background. A ” best-fit” analysis ranks employees who are best suited for a position or a project making it easier to find the ideal fit within your pool.



The integration of skills & competence management gives you a comprehensive overview of the capabilities and qualifications of all employees. Competence analysis determines the development requirements for the current position as well as for future positions. By combining this with succession planning, you can identify whether candidates are able to fill a position or whether they need support in order to be able to do so.